O2TB with chef Deni Srdoč in Ljubljana

Arharjeva cesta 40, Ljubljana - Šentvid, Slovenia


All inclusive 1 person 90.0 €

All inclusive 2 persons 180.0 €

All inclusive 3 persons 270.0 €

All inclusive 4 persons 360.0 €


- noun; from the Greek word hēdonē, meaning pleasure and delight
- the theory that pleasure is the highest good and proper aim of
human life the pursuit of pleasure; sensual self-indulgence.

If we were to consider the definition of the word hedonism, it would soon be clear that sometimes, happiness is not that unreachable. So let's put this theory to the test.
For the second time in Ljubljana, on the 27th of September at the intimate and inspirational space of the ''Delavnica'' cooking studio, O2TB will present the elaborate artistic and cultural form of bringing together gastronomy, enology, art and music, at this exclusive, number-limited event.

O2TB is very proud to present to you the star that is amongst the 10 very brightest in the world, according to the prestigious Michelin organization – chef Deni Srdoč. The youngest Croatian star owner, chef Deni Srdoč creates dishes that are not only exquisite in quality, the balance of flavours and modern creative gastronomy, but also memorable visually as a modern-day art form.

Chef Srdoč will make this evident in a 6-course dinner, with 6 dishes, every single one a work of art, created by this 27-year old talent. The space between gastronomy and art was never this small, both figuratively, but also literally since the evening will bring art at your table, and be present around you on canvases by the Croatian fine-art painter Eugen Varzić. With his hyperrealistic point of view, Varzić will present his artwork for one night only.

We will draw a full circle, as the Istrian artist will indulge in edible art from the chef of the Kvarner region, while the chef will dive into painted art while preparing his dishes. Two forms of art coming together on this exclusive evening of self-indulgence.

Art comes in many forms, one without further explaining is wine.
Galileo, who devoted his life to the stars and the universe, said that wine is sunlight held together by water. Not all stars shine as bright, and not all wines are created equal. So only the brightest may follow the illuminating art-driven dishes.

From the KABAJ wine cellar, wich the US elite magazine Wine & Spirits has classified as one of the 100 best wineries in the world for the fourth time, we present to you the legend that is Jean-Michel Morel. A French Slovenian, or a Slovenian Frenchman, makes no difference since Jean's wines are known everywhere in the world, or better yet, the universe. Give into the wines of Dobrovo, give into Jean's world and the estate's dogma that is the Amfora, and the Qvevri.

The world and the stars will cascade to Ljubljana, only to rise up and fill the space. You will not only be able to taste and see them but will hear them. A man that has the power to transcend you to a different time, the pianist Boštjan Golinar known better than anyone how to prove once again how classical music became a timeless classic for a reason.

The pianist and his piano will be joined by the voice of a star, that was born in the US, but now shines in Ljubljana and carries the name, Hannah Mancini. With her worldly career and numerous impressive performances, Hannah will round them up and show you what it takes to be a star.

INFO : info@o2tb.org


Sept. 27, 2019, 6:30 p.m.