What is EventID

EventID is an Event Management Platform for organisers and attendees. Organisers can create a simple event landing page with a register or a sign up form and attendees can register with a couple of clicks.

EventID provides a secure web page with a password protected profile and the login option for organizers and attendees. Each has its own level of permissions to manage the content and promote the event or just register and pay the registration fee online (for events that are not free).

A secure and reliable online platform has an elaborate backend for organizers to manage the registrations and the data necessary for the successful registration process before the event online and on the spot during the event. Organisers can determine the number of participants, the required data of participants and add your event photo, logo, description etc. It is also super simple to prepare personalised badges for printing.

Furthermore, EventID can also be connected to your SW solutions (via API connections), our EventIDtrack equipment and our EventIDmat for basic segmentation and personalized, automated email communication with participants.

Tracking application

Organisers that use our free EventID platform also use a free app for fast registration of their attendees at the event.Application allows organizers to register, track and collect data of their attendees in a matter of seconds.

This app will give you real-time insight into who came to your event and how long they stayed. With our app, you can forget about manually checking the participants at the door, creating queues and delays.

You can download the app here.