Digital Health Conference 2024

Trg mladih, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia


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Welcome to Digital Health Ljubljana 2024 Join us in the picturesque city of Ljubljana for a landmark event that promises to steer the course of digital health into the future. Technology Park Ljubljana, alongside esteemed local stakeholders, presents the "Digital Health Ljubljana 2024" conference—a nexus of innovation, technology, and healthcare. Over two transformative days, industry leaders, pioneering startups, and policy influencers will come together to ignite discussions, forge partnerships, and showcase the latest in medical technology.

Who should attend?

Innovators, leaders, and visionaries from the digital health, MedTech, and healthcare IT sectors, as well as healthcare policymakers and decision-makers. Day 1: Show of innovation Kick-off with an inspiring afternoon filled with the latest trends from international and local startups. The evening will unfold with networking opportunities, setting the stage for collaborative success. Day 2: International Conference Delve into the heart of the conference with thought-provoking keynotes, engaging panel discussions, interactive demos, and real-world case studies. The thematic segments:

  • Engage: How digitization is empowering the patient voice
  • Predicting the future through data-driven healthcare
  • Designed for you: The digital tailoring of treatment
  • The role of technology in disease prevention

Conference program:

Why participate?

At Digital Health Ljubljana 2024, you will meet with a distinguished international delegation, take part in important discussions and contribute to the pioneering spirit that is breaking new ground in healthcare. Be part of the movement that is redefining the health of tomorrow.


05.02.2024 16:00



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