How it works

ID.Conference is a platform that will suit both participants and organizers. Both segments have separate application forms that will require separate data. They will be able to login separately.



Organizer will register on ID.Conference. Organizer can than apply the event on the online platform. In the application, organizer can determine the number of participants, what information of the participants wants to have, add event logo, add description of the event etc.
Further, organizer will have the option of additional offers or market place. If the organizer does not yet have a designated space, he will be able to do it on the platform. Organizer will be able to choose catering, floristic arrangements, hostesses, special effects, event linkers etc.


Participant will be able to apply via the platform. Participant will receive his application form via email after organizer applies the event on the platform. Participant will enter all necessary information. Participant will automatically receive a return confirmation letter of registration and all event information that concers the participant and the event.

ID.Conference TRACKING


RFID UHF tower is an IoT solution that tracks and records accreditation through RFID Ultra High Frequency (UHF). All data that was recquired from application form is stored on the cloud. UHF tower controls the passages and stores data for final reports.


On the online platform, organizers will also have an option to rent a module, which is able to accredit and registrate participants activity. UHF (Ultra High Frequency) RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) station records UHF accreditations in the cloud. Station can accredit more than 10 participants per second. This way queues are virtually eliminated. Stations are strategically placed throughout the hall space. The most important ones are at entrances, to check if participant is accredited. By placing these stations in the lobby and other places, we enable event organizers to see who is in the lecture room and where people hang out during the conference.
All data is measured in real time.